Friday, July 8, 2011

Clinical Notes: Acne Geography

These are some of my observations about where acne appears and what it may signify in terms of malfunction in the body:

Acne all over the body: Primarily "leaky gut", which may or may not be addressed by going on a paleo diet. (A more concentrated therapy may be necessary in addition.) If temporary (such as during a dietary change or the introduction of a new supplement), it is possible that the acne is because of inefficient liver detoxification (see more below).

Acne all over the face: Primarily dietary causes (typically grains, legumes, dairy). Leaky gut is very possible. In women, when the acne appears "cyclically", there is a component of hormonal imbalance (which could be dietary in origin, but more complex than in men).

Acne concentrated around the mouth: Inefficient liver detoxification. This may be because of leaky gut, poor gut flora, poor intake of nutrients supporting detoxification and elimination.

Acne concentrated to the back and/or shoulders of guys: Get the diet in order. No grains, legumes, and dairy, and it will very likely go away.

Acne or spots on front of thighs: Poor liver detoxification.

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