Thursday, June 16, 2011

Repair your gut and lose belly fat.

Much can be said in favor of identifying a "leaky gut" (or "enhanced intestinal permeability" for those who need a scientific term) and addressing this common problem. For instance, fixing up a leaky gut is key to addressing auto-immune issues and other chronic conditions, as well as dealing with all sorts of skin problems. (I'll return to these matters in the future.)

A less commonly toted advantage to getting one's gut health in order is that it tends to help with fat loss.

In particular, ensuring gut integrity lets the body chew away on two types of belly fat: visceral fat tissue (the dangerous fat behind the abdominal musculature that's embedded around organs), and subcutaneous belly fat (if you are able to grab a skin fold around your navel, you know what I'm talking about).

One of the mechanisms by which getting one's gut in order helps with these pesky fat depots is the reduction of stress hormones.

When a person has a leaky gut, a meal may trigger an immune reaction which is perceived by the body as a stress to which it reacts through secreting the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

The hormone cortisol contributes to elevated blood sugars and to insulin resistance which both lead to fat accumulation, particularly in visceral fat tissues.

Adrenaline is actually a hormone that helps with accessing fat for use as energy, however if one's adrenaline secretion is kept chronically high, the fat tissue seems to become deaf to the signal, and will not as readily release stored fat in response to adrenaline. (This is called "adrenaline resistance".)

After one has successfully addressed a leaky gut, the body's overall immune - and stress responses go down, and the fat may then be released from storage.

I just lost a slightly unbecoming bulge of fat on my tummy over a couple of weeks of doing a gut repair protocol. Overall, I lost a couple of percentage points of body fat, and my abs are saying "hello world"!

It's not only about vanity - I promise I feel truly great too! And this, of course, in turn will make for even less stress hormones - a virtuous spiral in place.

The foundations to repairing a leaky gut are:

  • Eliminating grains, legumes, and possibly dairy.
  • Eliminating foods that may cause an enhanced inflammatory response. (These tend to be the foods that you've eaten a lot of under stress.) An MRT test, which I can help you get access to, is a valuable tool for quickly identifying these foods. One could also simply eat entirely different foods from what one is used to, and rotate between them.
  • De-stressing and keeping cortisol down when it should be down. (I currently use phosphatidyl serine and magnesium in the evenings to keep my cortisol down.)

An advanced protocol would also consist of:
  • Supplements such as L-Glutamine and various botanical products. (I tailor these to each individual client depending on several factors, including current food sensitivities.)
  • Quality probiotics containing a number of different strains. (Again, types and sequence may differ depending on the person's issues.)
  • Getting rid of intestinal bacterial infections and parasites. In my case, I needed to kill an H Pylori infection. I did that through taking a blend of anti-bacterial herbs.

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